Our Safety policies are here to protect you!

We have a comprehensive set of rules that will help you to be safe. Below check list will help to remind what you have to do:

  • No texting while driving– You should not text on your cell phone while driving because being distracted by texting is similar to driving while intoxicated. Texting on the phone while driving can cause you to react more slowly when an unexpected driving hazard emerges or perhaps to never see the hazard until it’s too late.

  • Daily report about the status of the truck includes:

    List of activities completed
    Project status (on track, behind schedule, etc.)
    Hot list of Risks
    Project performance metrics

  • Stay sharp– You should stay focused on safe driving. You will take regular breaks and never drive if you are tired, stressed or on medication that affects driving.

  • Maintain your vehicle- Make sure that pre-trip safety inspections are completed particularly for tires and brakes. Your life depends on them. Make sure your load is well balanced and secure, as a shifting load can cause a rollover or loss of control. Loose materials create road hazards.

  • Buckle up – Use your safety belt every time. Seat belts promote safety. More specifically, seat belts can aid in the following:

    • Preventing you from hitting the windshield
    • Preventing you from being thrown from the vehicle
    • Preventing you from banging around the vehicle and hitting the steering wheel, door, etc.
  • Inspection, repair and maintenance –every driver shall systematically inspect, repair, and maintain the truck. Parts and accessories must be in safe and proper condition at all times.